Can President Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Save the Real Estate Market?

concept about actions to save the housing market

As foreclosure rates continue rising in August, some wonder if President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan could save the real estate industry by bringing in an influx of new buyers who were previously unable to afford their own homes. This could be a huge boon to real estate agents, sellers, and even lenders who are […]

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Private Equity Firms are Buying Up Real Estate as the Market Crashes and Foreclosures Rise. How Will This Affect the Market Long-Term?

According to conservative estimates, private equity firms own one out of every twenty-six apartment listings in the United States, along with 1.6 housing units, 275,00 manufactured home lots, and nearly 240,000 single-family rental homes. What’s more, it’s not uncommon for firms to take advantage of rising foreclosure rates and an overall dip in home values […]

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